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Thank You For Choosing SDA

2023-2024 Stage Door Academy 


* NEW from Circus Fix 6 Carlaw Ave WEEKDAYS

Saturdays 1768 Danforth Ave. 

Returning Dancers from previous season (year prior): Registration fee $0.00 when you register early!

Returning students: Receive 10% off term 1 and save on registration fee when you register before June 10th

All first year dancers or dancers who did not spend the season prior with SDA: Pay a one time payment of $50.00 deposit upon registration. Those who do not sign up before June 10th 2023, pay a one time registration fee of $50.00 and pay full term price.

General Fees/Hour of Dance 

Tiny Feet $200 + HST/Term (45 minute classes)

1 Hour/week per dancer  $230 + HST/Term

2 Hours/week per dancer $400 + HST/Term

3 Hours/week per dancer $550.00 + HST/Term

4 hours/week per dancer $700.00 +HST/Term


Additional Specialty Extras by Audition only:

$295.00 Choreography Fee  Solo

$280.00 Choreography Fee  Duet/Trio 

$200.00 Choreography Fee  Small Group

*NOTE* Keep costumes from last season - wherever we can recycle and re-use costumes we will to save on costume fees! If your costume no longer fits, you may be able to pass it down to a younger dancer and save on the next year's costume fee. 

Competition Choreography fees are due in September for those competing (please also see competition details on website)

Spring Audition & Summer privates or August Intensive must be attended to train to compete in 2023/2024.

SDA Company (Competitive Team) Competitive Solos Duets and Trios are available by

audition and in some cases by request, a choreography fee is associated and all solo dancers must train in private lessons for the duration of the year.

Competition dance, hybrid, private and semi private classes will take place at 6 Carlaw Ave. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (depending on age and class)

MONDAYS 6 Carlaw Ave. Jr. Inter Team 9 & up

 4:30-5:30 Ballet (recreational and competitive hybrid) 

* All pre competitive & competitive dancers 9& up must take ballet  

 5:30-6:30 Conditioning & Technique all levels Jr. Inter 9 & up   

6:30-7:00 Company Routines (By Audition only) 

7:00-8:00 Diamonds Acro (Recreational and competitive) 

8:00-8:30 NEW Lyrical for competition 

8:30-9:00  Private Lesson: FULL SESSION 

TUESDAYS 6 Carlaw Ave. 5-8 years

4:30-5:30 Jazz 5-8 years for competition -  

5:30--6:00 Emerald Acro Mat 5-8 years (recreational and competitive level hybrid)  

6:00-6:30 Mini lyrical Competition  

7:30 Mini/Jr. Ballet - Mandatory for all competing, open to recreational dancers (hybrid) 

Private Lessons Extras (Solos, Duets)  

8:30 - Private & Semi Private Lessons  

9:00- Private & Semi Private Lessons 


6:00-6:30 - Duet FULL SESSION 

6:30-7:00 Solo FULL SESSION 

7:00-7:30 Musical Theatre for Competition

SATURDAYS (afternoon) 1768 Danforth Ave 

1:15-2:00 Tiny Feet  2.5-5 years 

* special rate $200.00/term 


2:00-3:00 Lilacs Acro/Jazz 5-8 years recreational  

3:00-4:00 Ballet with elements of Musical Theatre 5-8 years  *Sign up from 2:00-4:00 and save!

INTRODUCING SATURDAY AM classes at 6 Carlaw Ave

Term 2 begins November 18th 

2024 Additional Workshops

Minis: Imagination Station & Acting 

Junior/Intermediate: Mindset workshops (Dance journal, reflection and visualization techniques)

Private lessons are expected to make up for missed classes at the competitive & recreational level. There is a personal training fee for each private lesson.  If the dancer is able to catch up on what was missed, and the lesson does not need to be reviewed, the dancer will not need to make up the class. If there are multiple missed classes, a private lesson may be mandatory.  If a dancer misses more than 6 classes per term at any age or level, they may be asked not to perform in the year end recital, regardless of whether costume fees are paid or not. At the competitive level, there is a high level of commitment to dance before signing up.


Payment is sent by etransfer to, after invoices are received.  If the invoice does not look correct to you, or there are any questions, please email the studio to communicate any corrections before sending payment. 


Competitive Team Invites will be sent out by August and dancers are chosen based off of their attendance the previous season, attitude, ability to pick up new choreography, behavior, class etiquette, and performance value on stage. With the values listed above and enough training, every child at SDA will have the tools to succeed and continue to see improvements in both their dancing and their performance ability. We value passion over perfection, but strive to be our personal best. Check out our workshops page often, for updates on workshops and enrichment programs.  

SDA offers special workshops with performers who have danced, performed and directed all over the world!


NEW or returning to SDA $50.00 Registration fee is due upon registering

For dancers who danced with SDA last season (registration fee is $0.00)


Term 1 Payment Due Sept 11, 2023

Term 1 September 11 - November 13


Days off: Monday Oct 9 Thanksgiving Monday + Tuesday Oct 31 Halloween *Makeup classes available if interested 

Term 2 Payment Due Nov 18, 2023  + $50.00 Costume Deposit(s)per routine due December 

Term 2 November 14- February 24

Days off: Dec 25, Jan 1st, Jan 8th Winter Break


Term 3 Final Payment Due Feb 24, 2024 +  $ Costume Balance(s) Due February TBA

(Off for March Break + Easter weekend + Victoria Day weekend)

February 24- June 2 

June 2nd Tentative recital date Papermill Theatre - Recital Tickets for purchase in the Spring of 2024

Summer Camp & August Intensive available through Summer!

Due to the amount of late payments last season, payment sent later than the first day of term is subject to daily penalty of $2.50 / day. Please mark terms and payment dates on your calendar to avoid late charges, reminders are sent by email 1 week prior to due date. Credit payments can be arranged upon request. Please read your emails and direct all questions to

SDA breaks for most long weekends except Thanksgiving weekend.  Monday classes will always be cancelled for Monday long weekends, photo days may be on the Mondays of the long weekends. Attendance is key for the success of all dancers.

Photo days, makeup, specific dance shoes/tights, team jackets are mandatory for all who compete and all items to be purchased by individual family. (see code of conduct for more details)

Team Jackets, sweatpants and hooded onesies are available in Youth S, M, L and Adult S, M! Team Jackets are mandatory for all competing in the 2024 season.


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