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Competitive Dance 

Ballet Class

Your dancer(s) may be chosen to join the competitive team as her teacher sees potential to grow in his/her skills and take dancing to the level beyond a recreational program. This choice is based off of a combination of attendance, prompt arrivals, attitude, work ethic, behavior in class, ability to apply corrections, pick up on choreography, performance on stage and ambition in dance.

If your dancer has displayed the elements required he/she may be asked to train at the next level after auditioning for SDA Company. Attendance, willingness to be challenged, and pushing outside everyone’s comfort zones at a competitive level, is the key to the entire competitive team’s success. The competition program runs on weekday evenings. An informal company meeting for parents and students for Q&A will follow a competitive team invite for the competing season. Guidelines, rules and contract will be sent out prior to this date with a formal invitation for the SDA Company. 


Message from Miss Erica: I feel it is only appropriate to have children compete in dance who are ready. It is important the family knows and understands the level of commitment required. I have worked with many competitive students in the last decade and know the work and responsibility required for dancers to go from a recreational level to a competitive level. The hours, intensity of training and material is increased greatly. Dancers will still be required to take noncompetitive classes, with their original groupings in different disciplines.  Ballet is mandatory. The hours of training at the studio increase, and so does the financial commitment. For each dance, there are class fees, costume fees, competition entrance fees and sometimes travel fees. Please inquire about private lessons if interested.

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