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Stage Door Academy Company by Audition - register under events! 



Thank you for your participation in our third Annual recital.


As you know, Stage Door Academy of Dance will no longer be operating as a conventional dance studio next season, but a company team by audition only. 


Stage Door Academy of Dance & Pegasus Dance Studios are merging, meaning the dancers would sign up under Pegasus Dance Studios’ name and direction. The dance studios are bigger, mirrored, kid friendly, with more kids to train amongst. Pegasus registration is open, let them know you currently belong to Stage Door Academy of Dance.


“Stage Door Company” is operating from the same address, launching mindset workshops and pre-professional coaching & mentorship in performing.  We are also producing a YouTube channel involving dancers interested by audition only. 


Please pre-register for the audition September 8th & our event on September 1st to kickstart our season! You can sign up from the website. 


SDA Company will be a private competitive program for a select few who have auditioned and have shown their dedication to the team. The dancers who will make the team have displayed maturity in their dancing (for their age)in behaviour and hard work each class. This program will happen on Sundays in the Fall/Winter.


A missed session in this program will make a bigger impact on the team as more choreography will be taught each session.  We will work at a faster pace instructing choreography. Dancers will be responsible for remembering their material, and catching up on a missed class. For this program, dance class should be considered the first priority. Please see our “competitive dance” website page for more info. 


To be successful in this program, your child must love to dance and perform on stage. Parents of dancers on this team must stay informed, on board and involved, being sure not to miss information on deadlines and dates for competitions, rules and important details that come with training at this level. The minimal makeup kit, tights and proper colour and brand of dance shoes are required as well as attendance by parents for hair/makeup meeting.  Please see “code of conduct” on website for more.


I hope we continue to work together. Please reach out to me for session pricing, choreography fees are listed on the website.


This season, you can also find me teaching at a studio called Metro Movement at Broadview/Danforth (Movements Arts Method) as a 1:1 Pilates reformer instructor to prevent injury, rehab injury, build strength and increase mobility for dancers. 


Thank you for your support and continued interest in evolving with SDA Company! We can’t wait to see your dancers audition after a long, well deserved break! Please check our updated website for additional information.


Special Events | Stage Door Academy of Dance | Toronto




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