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Winter News!


Winter email sent February 4th

Winter News!


Dancers in Rainbow connection last year: Please let me know if you do not have your white fluffy skirt from last year’s costume ASAP! Dancers in Acro/Jazz 2:00-3:00 this season will be wearing them with their costume.  If dancers in Acro/Jazz were not in this routine, we have a skirt for you! Dancers perform twice in the same costume!


Musical Theatre Ballet 3:00-4:00 Dancers will be performing in 2 routines in the recital! Please have a pair of PJ’s to perform in for recital as one of their costumes for “Hard Knock Life!” (an attempt to save $ on a costume!)


Bring a Friend in February – Dancers are welcome to bring a friend to participate or watch dance classes in February. 


Term 3 Payment: Term invoices will be sent in the next few weeks and due February 24th for the rest of the season. Costumes will be sent home when all fees are paid. Thank you to those who donated costumes to our recycle program, your 25% off is applied to 1 costume this term.

Please welcome guest instructors to take Erica’s place on dates of competition and various dates in the spring, your attendance is important!

Etiquette: Please take shoes off in the Yoga studio/Circus studio whenever helping with your little one up or down the stairs!


Dates to note:

Photo Day is Monday April 1st and Monday May 13  - Schedule to follow (6 Carlaw Ave.)

Recital is tentatively Sunday June 2nd at Papermill theatre from 2:00-6:00pm

May 22 – Tentative Audition for competition next season 6 Carlaw Ave.

May 25- Full studio recital rehearsal at Danforth – Practice makeup & hair

May 27- 6 Carlaw Workshops for 5-8 year olds! Jazz, conditioning, technique 4:30-6:30

June 1st – No Dance in preparation for recital Sunday

Dates we are NOT at the studio: March Break March 11- 17, Easter Weekend March 30, May 18th, 20th, June 1st


Recital Order – Tights (in best condition) and shoes to have by photo day

1.Coppelia (Monday 4:30) Ballet *ballet tights, ballet shoes

2.Tiny Feet Part of Your World – Friend in Me – 6 little ducks (Saturday 1:15) *Ballet tights, ballet shoes

3.UP Zoe *Jazz shoes

4.Tight rope -Quinn *Pirouette shoes

5.Opportunity (Saturday 3:00) *Ballet tights full foot or convertible & ballet shoes

6.When You Say Nothing at All – Chloe, Quinn *Stirrup tan tights, pirouette shoes

7.Young and Beautiful -Sydney * Stirrup tan tights, pirouette shoes

8.Journey to The Real World (Saturday 2:00) Acro/Jazz * No tights, no shoes

9.Barbie Dreams (Tuesday Pre-comp) *No tights, Black Jazz slip on shoes

10.I’m Alive (Saturday 2:00) Acro/Jazz * No tights, no shoes

11.Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend (Monday 7:00) *Black convertible tights, no shoes

12.Hard Knock Life (Saturday 3:00) Your OWN Set of PJ’s, no shoes

13.Grow (Tuesday Pre-comp) No tights, pirouette shoes to match skin tone

14.What Was I Made For? Chloe, Sydney *Stirrup tights and pirouette shoes

15.OMG! Zoe, Chloe, Quinn *No tights, pink shoes sent with costume

Thanks for submitting!
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