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code of conduct


All Dancers are encouraged to wear a dance bodysuit and tights for class. Dancers may wear form fitting shorts or a skirt for ballet class. If any extra clothing layers become a distraction they will be asked to remove them. If the studio is cool, dancers can wear movable warm up layers and Stage Door Merchandise until the class warm up is completed. SDA merchandise is available for purchase at the studio.


We encourage our dance families to visit Dancewear Centre for your dance season needs.  We recommend Capezio and Mondor brands for bodysuits and tights. We recommend a tank style bodysuit in black, lavender or ballet pink colours for younger dancers. Within our community, you can support Little One's Closet that sells affordable pre-loved dance wear for growing dancers or visit Toronto Dancewear Boutique.


Dancers are expected to attend each class for their own progress, as well as the progression of class choreography. Please advise the studio by email, of your child's absence if your dancer cannot attend class for illness or unforeseen circumstances. If a dancer misses more than 6 classes within the final two terms, they may be advised not to perform in the final recital, regardless of whether or not the costume fee is paid. Please stay on top of emails for important dates & "Theme Days!"

Classroom Basics

Convertible/Transitional dance tights or leggings are recommended for dancers. (Safety requirement) Please keep feet bare for acro! Recital wear will be specified.

On your first day, please arrive early to fill out the initial form or have it filled out prior to class.


Please always leave shoes at the door. Use the washroom before class begins! Dancers may use the stairs and head up to class on their own. After the class is finished, if your little one needs assistance, please help them into their winter gear. All dancers are expected to leave their outdoor layers on the basement floor, assisted by 1 parent if they are not self sufficient. We do our best to help with dancers’ independence however we aim for fast transitions between classes.


Studio uniform requirements are very flexible, but proper dancewear or appropriate breathable athletic attire must be worn; ie bodysuit, tights, ballet skirt, dance shorts, fitted top & leggings. The colour black is preferred for intermediate dancers, however dancers should wear what they are most comfortable in.


The correct colour shoes/tights are important more specifically for competition or recital time.


 Important: Hair must always be up and off the face and neck. Ponytails, buns, braids are all acceptable. Short hair must be pulled off the face by headband or small ponytail. No dangly earrings or jewelry is to be worn to dance class. 




Girls for Ballet-

Ballet: Recommended Ballet Pink Canvas Split Sole “Capezio Hanami”

Accepted: Ballet Pink leather full sole or split sole shoes

Ballet Pink tights should be worn with ballet pink shoes

Mondor & Capezio Transitional tights are preferred


Boys for Ballet-

Any Black Ballet Shoe

Black Shorts & Black & White Top


Acro/Jazz Girls & Boys: Bare Feet +

Recommended: Bloch or Capezio Black slip on Jazz Shoe for class

Lyrical: Pirouette shoe

A form fitting shirt, bodysuit or half top *No baggy crop tops or loose shirts allowed) to ensure clothing stays in place while upside down.


2024: All dance shoes and tights must be picked up and purchased by families by in store visit or online order. Keep stage tights in great condition to be re-used year to year.

ONE STOP SHOP for stage makeup essentials: Please visit to order your basic stage makeup kit for stage lights.  Password: SDAD 

Competitive dancers may purchase foundation shades, bronzer, lashes, glue, eyeliner etc! - Mandatory for Pre-competitive and Competitive students. Highly encouraged for recreational dancers to ensure makeup does not transfer to costumes.




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