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dance styles

NEW* Musical Theatre 
Dancers will learn the lyrics and story line of a song to lip-sync to while performing broadway style choreography. Jazz shoes are required.
Creative Movement

Children will train coordination, spatial awareness, poise, and creativity.  Children will develop motor skills, dance etiquette and learn to share the space with others. Ballet shoes are necessary.


A classical dance form demanding grace and precision, employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Ballet shoes are mandatory.


Jazz dance is a performance dance technique and style that first emerged in the United States in the early twentieth century. Jazz dance may refer to Broadway or theatrical jazz. Both genres build on African American vernacular styles of dancing that emerged with jazz music and is performed often today to mainstream or Broadway hits. Jazz shoes are necessary. We recommend Capezio leather slip on Jazz shoes in black.


Story telling through slow, sustained technical movement involving tricks, technique, flexibility and self expression. Dancers will need foot undies, lyrical shoes or bare feet.


A style of dance that combines classical technique with fluid acrobatic movements. It is very physically demanding and requires strength, control and flexibility. Dancers wear bare feet to grip the floor and mats. If a child is disruptive to the safety of this class, they may be asked to leave. 


Dancers will train strength, flexibility, and more intricate sequencing.  This studio time is set aside for mastering jumps, turns and tricks. Ages 7 and above is recommended. Jazz shoes are required.

Private Sessions

Dancers will receive individual attention, tips and tricks to work on flexibility, strength, technique, show quality and stage presence.


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